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Jesse and the Hogg Brothers ROCK Sally O'Brien's

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Sally O'Brien's July 21, 2018

Soundcheck at Sally O'Brien's July 21, 2018 Saturday night WEMF party

Jesse and the Hogg Brothers with Hemway, Zeke Duckworthy
a WEMF radio night

Zeke Duckworthy
Jesse and The Hogg Brothers

       "Biker Ann drinking Jack and mixing it with wine" opened up Sally O'Brien's show on Saturday night July 21, 2018. The band decorated in red light featured two guitar, bass, drums with Kitty and Jesse handling the vocals.    "Hogg Tail Twist," the new single, followed "Biker Ann" with the traffic in the background as the band plays against the window, the sound more subdued than shows at The Middle East and McGann's.  Sally O'Brien's stage is interesting, not as high as the Midway Cafe or McGann's, and the show felt more like it was "unplugged" than the louder Midway and Middle East shows.   

    "Cream Gravy" for your chicken fried steak must have been consumed by one audience member as he was pogo-stick dancing throughout the set, especially on this song where the tagline is "OK, Hoggs, pour on the gravy" leading to a lovely slide guitar from Joe Bob Hogg.   At 13:18 Jesse laments about losing his job and going fishing in a song steeped in hedonism, getting a real good buzz and getting drunk!

    Sixteen minutes in Jesse introduces guitarist Kash Hogg, Doc Hogg on the bass, from Biloxi, MS it's Joe Joe Hogg on the drums, Jesse's fourth wife Kitty on vocals and dance, and Joe Bob Hogg who just got out on work release from MCI.
    The imagery is very good as the band tears into a low-key "White Trash Meth Lab," the First Family of Cowpunk doing what they do best, tongue-in-cheek comedy (well, sometimes it is more like in your face comedy,) and entertaining asides and dance moves, all fun and a welcome different flavor for rock club audiences.

In New York State July 27

Jesse & The Hogg Brothers has a show on 07/27/2018 at 08:00 PM @ Hitchin... in New Albany, IN

Jul 27
Hitching Post
8:00 PM in  New Albany, IN
Jul 29
3:30 PM in  Newburyport, MA
Aug 08
The Island
5:00 PM in  North Smithfield, RI

Back at McGann's Irish Pub on Friday August 10, 2018

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